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Vauxhall car servicing and repair at A&P Autos Blackpool Ltd.

As we are Vauxhall specialists, we have listed a a range of Vauxhalls and some concerns for these makes of vehicles.

If you dont see your fault please feel free to email us and we will try to help at no expense.

Agila - Noisy timing chain 1.0 & 1.2

Corsa - Noisy timing chains 1.0 & 1.2, leaky oil pressure switch, cutting out, Engine management lights

Tigra - Cambelt failure, sticking valves, EGR valves, speedo inop

Astra - Coil pack failure misfires 16v, wipers not parking (Astra G)

Meriva - Noisy steering

Zafira - Misfires 16v, EGR valve management lights

Vectra B - Power steering leaks, management light, crank sensor, cam sensor, poor idle cutting out, leaking rocker cover gasket

Vectra C - Broken suspension springs, worn rear suspension arms, wiper linkage, snapped coil springs, warning lights, Management lights, egr valves, crankshaft sensors, misfires, coolant temp sensors


Please feel free to call us on 01253 345525 or email for information regarding any faults - it doesn`t cost anything to talk!

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  • Manufacturer: Vauxhall
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